Charter Schools

VoIP Solutions Provider Carolina Digital "Saves Spring Break" at Arapahoe Charter School

VoIP Solutions Provider Carolina Digital “Saves Spring Break” at Arapahoe Charter School

Like many IT specialists in the education field, Arapahoe Charter School‘s (ACS) network administrator Mark Prescott planned to spend the recent Spring Break taking care of some routine maintenance tasks, and enjoying a well-deserved breather after a busy semester. However, when his school’s on-site private branch exchange (PBX) suddenly went down, he was forced into action and made a quick-thinking… Read more →

Senate holding up charter school bill

The Senate is currently holding up the reauthorization of the Student Success Act, hurting the futures of children in 42 states. This bill had been reauthorized in the House. Students do much better in charter schools, yet liberals get upset because they have less control in them. What the Senate is holding up Rep. John Kline (R-MN), Chairman of the… Read more →